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We are in our results to our customers really high quality products, our products all over the world!
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I plant since its inception, has been committed to the development, design, manufacture and sale of ventilation products, consistent implementation of the "low-cost, high-quality" product strategy, the full implementation of ISO9001 in my factory: 2000 quality management system, with more advanced production facilities and testing equipment...

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We provide ventilation solutions for customers
We provide comprehensive services for industrial plants and facilities, including planners, as the front end of our industry, we have been committed to the development of advanced technology and innovative methods.
Zhengyang electrical innovation, independent research and development!
With advanced production equipment and testing equipment, excellent production and development team.
Mature system, perfect marketing network!
Zhengyang has successfully opened up Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, the four economic regions will be connected to the 24 hours of uninterrupted
Our goal
To build brand ventilation equipment Domestic unique company design team, top design concept, subvert the industry To create a long-term competitive advantage, and evolved into the core competitiveness of enterprises!

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To create a "positive Emperor, Masao" and other mid-range brands and "proportional Lun" and other high-end brands. Adhere to the "quality of life of our management is the source of benefits," the quality